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Effective as of June 1, 2020

The Better Travel Co.

General Terms and Conditions

The Better Travel Co. is a limited liability company registered in 2019 in the Republic of Kosovo. The Better Travel Co. provides road passenger transportation services. The following terms and conditions are effective as of June 1, 2020 and apply to all passengers traveling with any form of transportation provided by the Better Travel Co, including in all territories and countries where transportation services are provided and in all points of sale and vehicles belonging to the company.

1. Applicable law and consent

1.1. The General Terms and Conditions shall be applied in conjunction with the relevant legislation pertaining to passenger road transportation services of the Republic of Kosovo.

1.2. Traveling with The Better Travel Co. is contingent upon passengers’ consent to the general terms and conditions. The passenger’s consent is accepted when the passenger purchases a ticket. In the event that the passenger obtains a physical ticket, consent is accepted when the passenger claims the right to transport by boarding the vehicle.

2. Carrier rights and obligations

2.1. The Better Travel Co. shall exercise its passenger transport services in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and internal company statutes.

2.2. The Better Travel Co. shall provide transportation in a quality and timely manner from the station of departure to the destination station, which are both specified in the passenger ticket.

2.3. The Better Travel Co. shall provide additional amenities as necessary including assigned seating, air conditioner, wi-fi, food and refreshments, extra luggage, and equipment chargers. The Better Travel Co. will apply additional charges for such amenities as necessary. When substitute vehicles are used, the such extra services cannot be guaranteed.

2.4. The Better Travel Co. may equip vehicles with a camera monitoring system in and/or outside the vehicle in order to improve security and quality of the services. By purchasing the ticket or boarding the vehicle the passenger acknowledges this fact and gives consent to this monitoring.

2.5. The Better Travel Co. reserves the right for changes in timetables, use of substitute vehicles and changes of seats as necessary. If the timetable is changed, the passenger is entitled for partial or full compensation of the ticket, when it is not possible to use the ticket completely.

2.6. The Better Travel Co. shall provide a support service where passengers may seek information or lodge queries as necessary.

2.7. The Better Travel Co. may offer special discounts and discounts granted as part of promotional offers. Special discounts may be applied for frequent travelers, as well as disadvantaged travelers (for example, students, elderly, persons with disabilities).

2.8. The Better Travel Co. shall comply with the transport safety standards including provision of training for staff and drivers, inspection of vehicles, and availability of tools for response in emergency situations.

3. Passenger rights and obligations

3.1. By giving consent upon purchase of ticket or at the moment of boarding the vehicle, the passenger agrees to abide by the transport rules and these general terms and conditions.

3.2. The passenger agrees to pay the price of the transport services, including extra for additional services according to the tariff established by the Better Travel Co.

3.3. The passenger is obliged to present a valid identification document (such as passport, ID, driver’s license) for the purposes of boarding the vehicles and cross-country travel. The data on the identification document must correspond with the data in the passengers’ ticket. In the event that a passenger has purchased a ticket and does not present a valid identification document, The Better Travel Co. may not accept him/her to board the transport and the passenger is not entitled to a refund.

3.4. For cross-country travel, the passenger is responsible for bringing a valid identification document and ensuring the passenger is allowed entry in countries of transit or end destination. In the event that a passenger is not allowed to cross a country of transit or end destination, the passenger accepts to disembark the vehicle and is not entitled to a refund.

3.5. Each passenger is personally responsible for abiding by the passport and customs rules and regulations of the countries of transit or destination and is obliged to customs or other administrative rules related to luggage. The passenger is obliged to pay the carrier the expenses incurred to the carrier as a result of the passenger not complying with the regulations.

3.6. By purchasing the ticket online or physically, the customer consents to provide personal information including name, last name, age, gender, e-mail, telephone number, banking information or other information relevant for the travel. The passenger consents to giving personal data to the The Better Travel Co. for data processing and traveling purposes.

3.7. The passenger is responsible for checking the spot of departure and time of travel. The passenger is obliged to arrive at least 15 minutes before the departure time specified in the ticket. The arrivals and departures stated in timetables and on tickets are always stated in local times.

3.8. If the passenger is not present for departure or misses the departure, the passenger is not entitled to any refund. The passenger is not entitled to compensation if he/she was not transported on time.

3.9. The passenger is obliged to keep their seat belts fastened throughout the journey. In case of traveling with children, the caretaker is responsible for fastening the seat-belt of the child and making sure the child keeps it fastened through the duration of the travel as necessary.

4. Prohibited acts and misconduct

4.1. Any crime committed by a passenger prior, during or after, using transport services of The Better Travel Co. shall be treated like any crime committed anywhere.

4.2. Any crimes committed by the passengers in the Republic of Kosovo shall be treated in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo.

4.3. The transport of dangerous objects such as weapons, firearms, explosives, flammables, or other dangerous or intoxicating equipment, materials or tools is strictly prohibited.

4.4. Criminal conduct such as assault, property theft, pickpocketing, violence against others, disorderly conduct, and illegal use or transport of drugs are strictly prohibited.

4.5. The Better Travel Co. will immediately report such acts to the relevant law enforcement authorities. In addition to possible civil and criminal penalties, offenders any may be subject to immediate denial of service, suspension of privilege to enter or use transit properties or both.

4.6. The passenger consents that the Better Travel Co. will not be held liable for any illicit acts committed by the passenger. Any penalties and fines related to the behavior of the violator must be paid by the violator.

4.7. Passengers may be excluded from transport if they come to the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotic or other psychotropic substances; and/or if they:

· smoke, drink excessive amounts of alcohol or use narcotics or other psychotropic substances on vehicle

· behave noisily, play noisy music, use audiovisual technology noisily or bother other passengers

· dirty other passengers or the vehicle as well as premises and equipment for passengers with his/her clothes or conduct

· damage the vehicle and/or the premises and equipment for passengers

· do not comply with the transport rules or instructions of driver/conductor.

4.8. The passenger who was excluded from transport is not entitled to any refund.

5. Luggage and personal belongings

5.1. Prior approval by the Better Travel Co. is required for any extra luggage. The passenger must pay for any extra luggage in accordance with the tariffs established by The Better Travel Co.

5.2. Passengers are obliged to inform the driver about all luggage which they want to put into the luggage compartment and display for a proof of payment of the fee for the transport of luggage.

5.3. The luggage will be placed under the seat, above the seat in the compartment, or next to the legs of the passengers. During boarding, transport and disembarking of the transportation services, passengers are individually responsible for the safety of their luggage and personal belongings.

5.4. In the event of loss or theft, passengers may immediately report the case to The Better Travel Co. The support service shall help the passenger in locating luggage and personal belongings. The Better Travel Co. is not liable for any loss or damage of transported luggage.

6. Response to Covid-19 pandemic

6.1. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Better Travel Co. shall take precautionary measures for protection of public health during travel. This may include disinfection of vehicles, door handles, seats knobs, and provision of personal protective equipment including gloves, masks and sanitizer. Thermometers may be used to screen passengers. To the extent necessary, such measures may be calculated in the ticket fare.

6.2. Passengers are responsible for traveling with caution, respecting social distancing measures, protecting themselves and other passengers and crew during travel. Passengers shall refrain from traveling it they have symptoms of Covid-19 (fever, coughing, temperature) and their ticket will be refunded.

6.3. The Better Travel Co. shall not be held liable for any health or medical issues that passengers may face as a result of traveling with The Better Travel Co.

7. Animals and pets

7.1. Passengers may be allowed to transport domestic pets (dogs, cats). The Better Travel Co. may charge additional fees for such travel.

7.2. Passengers who plan to travel with pets must inform The Better Travel Co. prior to purchasing the ticket and must obtain prior approval by The Better Travel Co.

7.3. Pets may be transported only when placed safely in carrier boxes, cages or bags with waterproof bottoms. The passenger is obliged to ensure that the animal will not dirty or damage the vehicle or endanger other passengers.

8. Exemption from liability

8.1. The passenger understands that transportation in any form, vehicle, or route carries with it risks of personal injury, damage or loss of life that may results from traffic accidents or force majeure. The passenger accepts to travel at own risk and accepts that The Better Travel Co shall not be held liable for any potential injuries, damages, or loss of life.

8.2. Unless otherwise foreseen in law, no civil or criminal claim may be brought against the staff, drivers, management or owners of The Better Travel Co. or the entity of The Better Travel Co. in itself, for any potential injuries, damage or loss of life as a result of traveling with The Better Travel Co.

8.3. The Better Travel Co. will not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of the service if such failure or delay is due, in whole or in part, to any cause whatsoever beyond its control including but not limited to Force Majeure, lightning, earthquakes, cyclones, floods, landslides, storms, explosions, fires and any natural disaster, acts of war, acts of public enemies, terrorism, public disorder, riots, civil commotion, malicious damage, vandalism, sabotage and revolution, explosions and nuclear accidents, strikes, labour disputes and other industrial disturbances, any road closure or congestion of roads, any quarantine or customs restriction, any interruption of power supply or scarcity of fuel or any accident, collision or breakdown of a vehicle, machinery or equipment.

9. Jurisdiction

9.1. Any disputes arising from the application of the general terms and conditions shall be settled in Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo, in accordance with the Kosovo law.